Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lets Help Chris Identify These Lund Folks !!!

This is Chris Boat, descendant of C.N. Lund's brother Hans Lund. I

have finally obtained a copy of C.N. Lund's journals and I was looking
through the pictures in the back of the book and realized I could name
quite a few people from my Great-Grandmother Emma Lund's box of
photographs from Mt. Pleasant. Some of these names may be wrong so I
was wondering if you could put these up on the blog in the hopes that
some of C.N. Lund's descendants could tell if I am correct on these
names? Thanks for your time and as always, thanks for the wonderful

Chris Boat


Enigma said...

Thank you for the "John Wayne" photo of Chris Lund. I was unable to positively identify him in my photos! I am so excited! Is this Jr or Sr? I may also have a photo of the girl in the next photo down (on the left) I need to look!

Enigma said...

The "John Wayne" man in the hat by process of elimination and from a photo I have of him by an old Ford as a grown man he must be Christian Lund Sr.

Enigma said...

I did locate the other photo I have with the two young ladies a bit older. It has an additional young woman and two boys. Possibly a sibling photo?
Contact me at if you are interested.

Chris Boat said...

The "John Wayne" photo says Cris Lund JR. on the back.

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