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Female Relief Society Minutes April 1877

Meeting held April16th 1877
Opened with singing "Come Let Us Rejoice, Our Journey Pursue".
Prayer by Sister Madsen
The minutes from the former meeting were read and accepted, also the donations and disbursements.
Sister Peel addressed the Sisters and said that sickness prevented Sister Morrison to be in our meeting today. She felt well and pleased to see so many of the Sisters together, also she could only see the same faces as general used to by her every time and thought it would not hurt any of the Sisters if they would be a little more united and come to meeting and hoped the good spirit would be with us as Latter Day Saints. We need so much to be united in all things.  She bore her testimony as to the truth and said that she had lived in this town for 17 years and thought everybody must know her as a woman that when she was called to ....some good to her Sisters and Brothers, had always a good desire to ......... and there to others as she had a good desire to ......further the best she can.  She said that she not left her house to a Sister Meeting yet without asking the Lord to bless Sister Morrison  and all them that was placed over her and prayed for herself that the good spirit and wisdom may lead and guide us in all things.
Sister Madsen bore her testimony to the great work we were engaged in.  She said it was many things that she like to talk on but it was very hard for her to get it out, she felt very glad that the sisters was so much united much good to Sister Anna in the Fort, she thought first it was very hard for the Society to take care over, but the sisters was united enough to make her comfortable both day and night and made her comfortable in ways she needed.  She exhorted the sister to be further united and our success will be ... share in every good thing.
Sister Simpson also felt well, and was glad for the opportunity to have a testimony to bear to this glorious work,  She did not feel to say much but desired to press forward.
Many of the Sisters bore their testimony in a thankful and humble manner.
The meeting was closed with singing "Do What Is Right" and the benediction by Sister Frandsen
MFC Morrison, Pres
Louise Hasler Secretary

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