Sunday, September 2, 2012

Huntington Canyon Fire and Flood Areas ~ June 2012

 Last Friday we decided to ride over to Huntington Canyon to see the forest fire damage from the fire that started on Seely Mountain and traveled all the way to Scofield.  Hundreds of miles of destroyed timber and undergrowth that mother nature had left behind.  Beetle kill is one of the real culprits combined with lightning and negligent humans.  This canyon will not be the same for some years to come.  (Yesterday, September 1, it was reported that due to the rainfall in this canyon, automobile sized boulders were released from the side of the mountain and blocked traffic on Highway 31.)
 Because of the burned undergrowth, any significant rainfall will turn into devastating flooded areas which are as bad as the fires themselves.
 The many roadside campgrounds in this canyon have been destroyed.  

 State Road crews are still on site cleaning up the damage from flood mud and debris.
The above photo shows the resulting flood mud and if you look
real close you can see how high on the trees the rushing
water came through this area.
 As we were coming home, I took a picture of Electric Lake.
You can see the significant drop in water level.
And here I captured a doe and a pair of fawns.

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