Saturday, September 8, 2012

How to Celebrate a Birthday - for 2 year-old Korver

Our youngest grandchild turned two on the 25th of August.  So what better way to celebrate than to hop on our four wheelers and head for Horseshoe.

We share little Korver as grandparents with Paul and Kathy Larsen. So Korver has two "grandma Kathys".
To distinguish us apart, we are called "Grandma Kathy Paul" and "Grandma Kathy Pete".
Here is the Birthday Boy with his two grandpas.  Pete on the left and Paul on the right.
This picture was taken on Skyline Drive looking down towards Spring City.

And here we are on the very top of Horseshoe, looking towards Spring City.
Adalyn Hafen threatening to hit me with "nigger toes".  Oops, more appropriately called western cone flowers.  

Western Cone Flower

 On Horseshoe looking towards Ephraim

 Our Little Alice found a nice rock to sit on.
From Horseshoe, looking towards Mt. Pleasant

We had a wonderful day of fun with our two families.

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