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During this next year  we will post excerpts  from Andrew Madsen's Journal from an unedited-original copy before its final printing.  It contains information about the Madsen Family Genealogy, the trip to the United States, across the plains, arrival in Salt Lake Valley, moving south to Sanpete, struggles with the Indians and much more.  Hilda Madsen Longsdorf included much of this history in the "History of Mt. Pleasant", but not all.  There are many interesting accounts by Andrew Madsen Sr. which gives us a more complete picture of how these noble pioneers struggled to keep  their faith, secure the land, make the most of their circumstances and build up our community of Mt.  Pleasant.  

David R. Gunderson  reproduced the original journal printed for private distribution several years ago and is currently working on a new edition to be published sometime in the future.

Part I:  The Madsen Genealogy, Conversion to the LDS Church, Trip on the Atlantic Ocean,Winter Quarters, and Journey across the Plains
Andrew Madsen Sr.
located at the Mt. Pleasant Relic Hall

to be continued

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