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Female Relief Society Meeting Held June 25, 1877

Meeting held June 25, 1877

Opened with singing
Prayer by Sister Madsen
Sister Madsen addressed the Sisters and said that Sister Morrison could not attend the meeting, but hoped that the Sisters felt free and bear their testimony and the good Spirit will be with us.  The minutes from the former meeting were read and accepted, also a letter was read from E. R. Snow that Sister Morrison sent in for the Sisters to hear.  Sister E. R. Snow sent the things back that was sent from Mt. Pleasant to the Fair, and thanked the Sisters for all they have done towards it.  And also stated that she received the money as our share in the Book "Women of Mormondom", saying that the book will be printed and leave the press in a few weeks.
Sister Peterson bore her testimony also many of the other sisters in their own language.  All felt well.
And meeting was closed with singing "We Thank Thee O God for the Prophet" and Prayer by Sister Hasler.

MFC Morrison, Pres
Louise Hasler, Sec.

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