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Female Relief Society Held In Social Hall July 8, 1877

Meeting held in Social Hall July 8, 1877

Opened with singing and prayer by Sister Johansen. Minutes of former meeting was read and accepted.
Sister Morrison talked considerably about the privileges we as a people enjoyed here in these mountains and have greatly blessed we were in being able to live here in peace and tranquility and worship God according to the dictates of our own consciences without fear of molestation.

While many of the nations of the earth there was nothing but tumult and strife failing them with  fear.  But hear we had it in our power to enjoy the Spirit of the Lord, and do the will of God and keep his commandments as we desire so to do.  This was our privilege and the fault would be ours if we did not hold onto it.  Sister Morrison also talked about the Sisters voting to sustain and supply the Mt. Pleasant Home in Manti with Sisters to cook for the men and hoped they would consider that vote as binding as any other covenant that they made, and do their best to sustain the same, that we ought not to forget the blessings to be derived from having our temple right in our own county and do all that lay in our power to help it along in our humble way.  And she said that those that did so in honesty of heart would receive blessings more than they would be able to contain.

Bro. Jacob said he had been to Manti and heard the teachings of President Young and with great satisfaction; that he urged the necessity of us being a self-sustaining people and that the time was not distant when we would realize it to its fullest extent, and the sooner we could get machinery in our midst and have all kinds of Home Industry carried on amongst us the better it would be for this people.

President Young also said Polygamy was one of the greatest principles in this church and that we ought to strive to enjoy peace and good will one towards another and live unitedly, pray with each other and for each other and by so doing we would gain power over the power of darkness and live in full enjoyment of every principle of the Gospel.

Sister Peel also spoke in her own language and said she felt well

The meeting closed with singing and prayer by Jacob Christensen.

MFC Morrison, Pres.
and Sec. Pro Tem

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