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Relief Society Beginnings ~ November 14, 1877

Meeting Held November the 14th, 1877.
Opened with singing: "Come All the Saints Who Dwell Who Dwell On Earth".
Prayer by Sister Madsen.
Sister Morrison addressed the Sisters. Felt glad to meet again after being absent for .. meetings and said reason why. Testified that her mind and thoughts were with the Sisters all the time when they meet; and have the same interest in the Society as she always had.  She wished for the sisters to be faithful and prayerful in everything they undertake. Wished that they should not encourage back biting and speaking of another and said there was ever so much fault finding about our Society.  We have always tried to do the best we know how.  She begged the Sisters in their visiting  positions to encourage the Sisters to come to meeting and to see and hear what was going on.  She also spoke a good deal about our young ladies too. Said that they will be organized again for the fourth time and hoped for its success.

A day was appointed for a quilting bee for the temple and arrangements were made for the poor.  More teachers were appointed to assist for the winter season and the first business would be for wheat to be gathered ......  The question was asked if the wheat  in the office should be locked up for itself, but every lady seemed to be satisfied the way it was.

Sister Madsen translated to the Sisters all that was said in her language.

Sister Peel felt well to be together with the Sisters and her interest was, like all the time, for the prosperity of the Society and wished for the Sisters to take a life interest in the Society and not only give, but to come to the meeting to be sure all would be benefited by.

Sister Simpson felt well to meet with the Sisters and her interest said the general expression, but a true one was interested in everything which was said, and felt greatly benefited to come to Meeting.

Closed with singing and prayer.
F. M. Morrison, Pres.
Louise Hasler, Sec.

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