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Ladies Woodring


The older lady above is Mary Virginia Schnauffer Woodring, wife of Dr. William Woodring.  The younger  lady is Bertha Maria Nielsen, wife of Louis Woodring.  The two little children are unknown.  However, Bertha and Lou Woodring had a daughter who died as a child. Her name was LuLu.  Bertha died in her early 20s.  She was the daughter of Niels P. Nielsen Jr. and Maren (Marie) Christiansen Nielsen.  Carrie Nielsen Hafen, a sister, was her only sibling.

In Buggy L: Lou Woodring  ~ Person on the right Not Known

On Porch L to R:  Ester Woodring ( Will Woodring's Wife), Mary Woodring (baby), Dr. Wm. Woodring, Virginia Woodring (Dr. Woodring's wife), Will Woodring, (Ester's husband)

The buggy belonged to Dr. Woodring and was used to make "house calls".

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