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Mt. Pleasant Pioneer Relief Society Minutes January 1878

  Meeting held January .... 1878
Opened with singing and prayer by Sister Peel.
Minutes of previous meeting were read and accepted and reports and ...........were handed in.  Also receipts of grain which had been ....... by the Sisters in obedience to the counsel of Brigham Young.
 Sister Morrison then said we were upon the beginning of a new year and .......time to look back and reflect and ask ourselves the question, "how much time have we let go to waste; wherein have we come short of our duty? These, my dear sisters are most important questions and those of you present ought to be the........face herself and those that can can do so satisfactorly, (sp)for then it will be well.  Therefore, let us be diligent with the time allotted to us, doing all the good we can, comforting the poor, helping to build temples for the Most High to dwell in and living our religion to the best of our knowledge and ability, Striving to overcome our weaknesses and imperfections that the Lord may delight to help us."

Sister Morrison also wished the Sisters to visit Sister Peterson as she was laying in a very was made; that when she was taken, the Society would lose a good member and a faithful Latter Day Saint. "Sisters, visit her and do all the good you can."

Sister Madsen said that she felt well, although  ......... were engaged in a good cause and hoped the Sisters would feel encouraged to press forward to do all the good we could, that one after another was passing away and it was a lesson for us to be diligent and watchful, trying to be united that we might enjoy the Spirit of the Lord, Amen.

Sister Peel also felt well and prayed that we might do better in the future than we had done in the past and be able to help the poor when they stood in need of help.  She was also glad to be able to meet with the Sisters although there were but few here.  Yet she felt there was a good spirit and she desired to do all the good she could.

Sister Simpson felt well and was glad to be able to bear her testimony of God in these Last Days.  She was glad the sisters were so will to go..... to gather up for the poor.  She was glad she lived in this day when the Lord had been pleased to reveal himself to the children of men and make known His mind...........and might bless Sister Morrison and her counselors that they be united as the head of  one and enjoy always the good spirit of the Lord.

Sister Brothersen bore a faithful testimony and was glad to be one with the Sisters and be able to help to gather for the poor. Also, that she had been gathered up to Zion, to see temples built for the redemption of the human family.

Sister Scovil said she rejoiced in the work of God.  She always had a testimony bear. When she was without bread she asked the Lord and the next day all her wants were supplied, that the Lord was quick.... She gave glory to the Lord and praised his name, continually.  Amen

Sister St.....  felt well and was  glad to be    ...... the spirit of God.  Also that she had been able to gather up to Zion to live with the people of God; she upheld those in authority and felt in her heart to sustain those who were place in her...........

Sister Knudsen was glad she had come to meeting for she felt so good and hoped the sisters would try to come together and be united that all would feel good in doing so.

Sister ........ also felt well and was glad she went to Manti to help cook for the temple hands and was always willing to do what she could.

Sister Frandsen was glad to be here, but would be glad to see more of the Sisters come to meeting and was always glad to see the Kingdom rolling on, and prayed that the Lord would help us.  Amen

A hymn was sung. "The Spirit of God, Like a Fire is Burning"

Prayer by Sister Madsen

Sister Morrison President

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