Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pioneer Day ~ Mt. Pleasant Historical Association ~ 2014 ~ Big Success

Oldest Lady in attendance was Verla Marx.

Oldest Gentleman in attendance was Francis Carlson.

It has been the tradition of each Annual Pioneer Day since its beginning to honor the oldest man and oldest lady in attendance. This year Verla Marx at 9? and Francis Carlson at age 9? took the honors.  Each received a corsage and boutonnière from Roxey Washburn, board member of the association.

We had a very good attendance. Almost all chairs were filled.  All those over 80 years old received a free lunch as well as a flower.  

The program theme was "Who Shot the Sheriff?".  The theme was taken from the shooting of Lon Larsen on main street by Hiram BeBee back in 1945.  Much speculation and diverse history has been drummed up from the event.  Some have claimed that Bebee was the "Sundance Kid".  The years don't match nor the DNA. Hiram Bebee was none other than Hiram Bebee.  He was pardoned from the death penalty and spent the rest of his life in prison.

Mt. Pleasant Pyramid November 26, 1948
Reva Cox Fillis and Son

L to R:  Dave Gunderson, Mary Louise Seamons, Deborah Seamons and Kathryn Gunderson

L to R:  Darlene Frandsen Blackham and Donna Graham Brunger

Cousins  Madsen: Linda and Dora

L to R:  Donna Brunger, Kathy Hafen, Judith Jackson, Darlene Blackham, Roxey Washburn, LaRue Beck Stewart

More to come.............

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