Saturday, January 31, 2015

LDS Seminary 1892 ~ Dave Gunderson

The following note comes from Dave Gunderson.  Does anyone know where the 1892 Seminary was located? And, was it a part of an Academy such as BYU Academy?

I  have been trying to finish my book on the Madsen family for about the last few months
and have been seeking help from my family.

One of the grandsons of Anthon W. Madsen has sent me several of the compositions
made by his grandfather at the LDS Seminary in Mt. Pleasant in 1888 - 1890 time frame.
I was surprised to see that the subjects were largely secular in nature and not ecclesiastical in nature.
The subjects included:
  • Three Business Forms
  • The Biographical Sketch.of George Washington
  • Great Men of the American Revolution
  • Youth the Time to Prepare
  • The Sculpture Boy
  • Transformation of Poetry into Pores
  • The Revolutionary War, Etc.
I am wondering if the Seminary in Mt.Pleasant was part of the Academy 

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