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Moving Picture Comes to Mt. Pleasant ~ 1914 ~~~~Did the Elite turn into the Kinema?

The Elite Theater was built in 1913.

In the late 1920s, 
L.C. and Nada Lund changed the name of the movie house to Star Theater.  Their son, Truxton, later took over the family business and changed the name Kinema. 

The theater, which was considered fireproof when it was built, burned down in 1990.

 Did you Know?  Kinema  is  the British Version of Cinema.    and there are or were hundreds of Kinema's across the United States and world. 

The word ‘cinema’ comes from ‘Kinema’-toscope and is derived from the Greek word kinema-matos meaning the science of pure motion.

  ..And I always thought that it was a cute expression of    "Kinna Ma Go to the Movies?"

Our Relic Home on the far left.

December 25th, 1912 the Elite Theatre, now the Star, presented their first show. Prior to this, some show places had been operat­ing, among them the one on State Street, conducted by C. Purring­ton.  History of Mt. Pleasant, Hilda Madsen Longsdorf p. 197 

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