Thursday, January 15, 2015

Love This Photo

Can Someone Give Us More Information Please !!!

Notice Anything Strange?


KATHY:    . I think the bicycle photo you have posted is backward.  It has the big wheel in the back and it has always been in front..   
My photo of an old bicycle!
Lee R Christensen

Lee R. Christensen's  Photos and Stories From Mt. Pleasant

I think the bicycle in the blog is of a different make than the usual “Big Wheel” bicycles we see.

I think it is an eagle bike.

I can’t imagine riding either a regular “big wheel” or an eagle bike.

I remember that my grandfather Gunderson said that he used to ride one.

One early Sunday morning while we were on a walk before Church, we passed a bicycle shop that had a “big wheel” in its window and Grandpa explained to me how to mount and “hopefully” ride one. But I never felt like trying to do it.  

David R. Gunderson

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Anonymous said...

The American Star is the name.

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