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F. C. Jensen ~ Pioneer of the Month ~ March 2015

Frederick C. Jensen
Jensen was a staunch Presbyterian, although his parents were Mormon converts from Denmark, where he was born. Apparently the family was affluent; Frederick’s mother paid for the Atlantic crossings of many poor Danish converts as well their own emigration to Utah in 1862 after the death of Frederick’s father. Jensen was a cabinetmaker par excellence who met the furniture needs of wealthy local sheep owners. His furniture store was considered the finest in the region. He helped organize the Mt. Pleasant Bank and was a sheep owner and wool marketer with a flock of some 5,000 animals. He was active in politics, served on the town council and purchased the town’s first Cadillac in 1909. He gifted his home to Wasatch Academy before his death in 1925.

found in History of Sanpete and Emery Counties p. 246; published in 1898

The Mt. Pleasant Commercial & Savings Bank was incorpo­rated with a capital stock of fifty thousand dollars, with N. S. Nielsen as President; F. C. Jensen, Vice President; Soren Nielsen acted as Cashier . History of Mt. Pleasant, Longsdorf p 171

There were fully 500,000 head of sheep owned in the county, and with Mt. Pleasant, the Queen City of Sanpete, fast becoming the commercial center, two prominent wool companies were formed. In 1893 the Mt. Pleasant Wool & Live Stock Company was organized by N. S. Nielsen, J. H. Seely, F. C. Jensen, James Larsen, W. D. Candland, A. S. Nielsen, and Richard Whittaker. This company built a large frame storehouse west of the D. & R. G. Railroad track, and shipped large quantities of wool. The other company, a similar one organized a little later, was known as the Union Wool & Live Stock Company, and did similar busi­ness with Andrew Madsen, president; N. P. Nielsen, vice presi­dent; Neil M. Madsen, secretary; J. D. Page, Simon T. 'Beck, A. J. Aagard, and C. W. Anderson as directors. Many million pounds of wool and many thousand head of sheep were shipped out and marketed.  History of Mt. Pleasant, Longsdorf pp173,174

In 1895 the Consolidated Furniture Company was organized by F. C. Jensen, with F. C. Jensen, President, and Ferdinand Clark, Secretary.  History of Mt. Pleasant p 175

During the year, (1908) the Progress Mercantile Company, which became very prominent in the business world, was incorporated with James Larsen, president; F. C. Jensen, vice president; H. C. Jacobs, secretary-treasurer; S. E. Jensen, James Monsen, Andrew Larsen, John Strom and Andrew Swenson, directors. Their place of busi­ness was established in the Equitable building, formerly occupied by the Aldrich Brothers. History of Mt. Pleasant p 183

In 1909, Dr. W. P. Winters purchased a Buick, and Frank Waldermar an E. M. F. About a year or so later, Christian Hansen purchased a ,Buick, Showman Longsdorf, a Case, and F. C. Jensen, a Cadillac. Among other early cars were those owned by Lyman Aldrich, Wallace Petty and Hyrum Merz.  History of Mt. Pleasant p 195

1894-5. Mayor, Abram Johnson; Recorder, J. D. Page ; Marshal, Thomas Braby; Justice of the Peace, Ferdinand Clark; Treasurer, H. C. Beaumann; Assessor and Collector, W. E. Watson; Councilors, N. S. Nielson, Abner Crane, Peter Matson, F. C. Jensen, W. D. Candland.  History of Mt. Pleasant p 236

1898-9. Mayor, Ferdinand Ericksen; Recorder, C. J. Jensen; Treasurer, Candace B. Wilcox; Marshal, Joseph Monsen; Jus­tice of the Peace, Andrew Neilson;" Councilors, James Larsen, William Olson, George H. Marshall, Rasmus Anderson, C. W. Sorenson, (15) F. C. Jensen.  History of Mt. Pleasant p 236

"By this time (1895) there had been built a number of modern school buildings throughout the city, but the people clamored for a Cen­tral School building, and a new modern twelve room building, at a cost of fully $20,000.00, was erected on the southwest corner, intersection of Main and First East. D. C. Jensen became princi­pal, he having served for three years previous. Mr. Jensen was assisted by the following well trained teachers: Lydia Hastier, Mary Johansen, Caroline Lovegren, John Lovegren, C. N. Lund Jr., 

Joseph Hughes was chosen principal in 1904, serving until 1907, when he was succeeded by P. M. Nielsen, who served for several years, also giving entire satisfaction. Twenty-four large and beautiful pictures were purchased for interior decoration at the school. The pictures made the halls most attractive. They were intended to create in the pupils a desire for fine art, that the homes might also be decorated with the proper kind of pictures.  "The trustees of the school at this time were F. C. Jensen, C.N. Lund, and Abner Crane. "History of Mt. Pleasant p 262

Frederick C. Jensen House

2nd West & 2nd South
Mt. Pleasant, UT 84647

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