Friday, September 10, 2010

Deseret News Request

Published in the Deseret News, was the following:

"Mount Pleasant, Sanpete County.

"June 6, 1863.

“Editor News “Dear Sir:

"I am requested by our good Bishop to acquaint you that the inhabitants of Mount Pleasant in a public meeting on the 6th inst. unanimously resolved that from the earliest practicable date, we would send for the News and all other mail matter to Springville through Spanish Fork Canyon every Thursday, returning again on the next day (Friday). Said messenger to bring with him the parcels of 'Deseret News' dispatches and mail matter generally for this place and Fairview, or North Bend as it has been called, of whose cooperation we are this evening fully advised. Bishop Seeley has sent personal communication of our intentions. They have cordially entertained the idea and wish to co-operate and participate in the benefits of the enterprise. By this means we can have the news, etc. on Friday evening instead of the Wed nesday following, and we can forward all our communication northward almost, if not quite, a week in advance of our existing postal arrangements via Moroni and Salt Creek Canyon. If this arrangement was published and all correspondents of either of these settlements would hence forth address their communication to us of Mount Pleasant and North Bend or Fairview, as it is now called, by Springville instead of Moroni, and the post master at Springville be advised thereof, it would, I opine, at once be fully understood and adopted. If, therefore, you resolve to give this publicity, it will at once facilitate the business and much oblige the parties interested.

"Your very respectfully,

(Signed) "WM MORRISOM.

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