Monday, September 20, 2010

Old Dutch Mill Torn Down ~ Elva Seely Guyman Collection

This building was torn down in approximately........and was located east of where Beck's Furniture now stands or where Rodger and Jenni's is now located.

Kathy:  I do not  remember this building as the” Dutch  Mill” It was the corner candy store in my day (1929-30) and was owned by the Madsen Brothers.  I’m guessing they sold or rented it to Drug Store Johansen from across the street and his son in law Glen Williams then ran it as a candy, hamburger, and malt operation.  The Madsen brothers , from down Moroni way build a place just north for their saloon as soon a beer drinking was allowed back, about summer 1933, just as Roosevelt promised.  The building also carried a full side wall  ad for , I think,  Levi’s rumored to have been painted by an artist from Fairview.  Lee

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