Wednesday, September 15, 2010

John Carter ~ Mayor of the Month ~ September 2010 ~~~ He served as mayor 1895~1897.

Among the original pioneers of Sanpete County, were the following men, some being accompanied by their families: Isaac Morley, Seth Taft, Charles Shumway, D. B. Huntington, Barney Ward, John Lowry Sr., Titus Billings, C. W. Bradley, Albert Petty, C. S. Cox, Albert Smith, Jereel Shoemaker, Cyrenus H. Taylor, Azariah Smith, Abraham Washburn, John D. Chase, Isaac Chase, Sylvester Hewlett, Wm. Potter, Gardner Potter, James Brown, Joseph Allen, Madison D. Hambleton, Wm. Richie, Harri­son Fugate, Sylvester Wilcox, Gad Yale, John Carter, Isaac Be­hunin, Wm. Mendenhall, Edwin Whiting, Wm. Tubbe, John Hart, John Baker, John Elmer, John Butterfield, Amos Gustin, John Cable, and W. K. Smith.
Source:  History of Mt. Pleasant by Hilda Madsen Longsdorf

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