Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Alice Thalman and James Albert Farnworth ~ Shared by Deena Sutton

Alice Thalman

                                                                                                                                Alice Thalman

Dear Kathy,

My grandmother did not put any dates on the news clippings. I was only able to scan the clippings themselves. Over the week end, I discovered that I have a few morephotos that I did not download earlier that my mother has so I will get them downloaded this week and send them to you as well.

Im so glad that I was able to share those photos with someone. Of all of my family lines, the Farnworths were the only ones that I have not shared with anyone. Im so glad that now the pictures will have a permanent place for others to be amle to have. I appreciate your efforts to keep their heritage alove. I will look for histories but I don't think my grandmother had too many of them from the Farnworths. Thanks again for all of your work.

Deena Sutton

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