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Harold C. Beaumann - Mayor of the Month ~ November 2010

Harold C. Beaumann, son of Harold C and Ella, was born in Mt. Pleasant, September 20, 1863.  His parents emigrated from Denmark in 1862 and located in Mt. Pleasant.

He worked on the farm and attended the local schools.  In 1886 he was appointed postmaster, which position he held for six years.  He was City Treasurer for four  years, County Treasurer for two years and elected a member of the City Council in 1895.  He was then elected mayor of Mt. Pleasant in 1904.

He assisted in organizing the Mt. Pleasant Bank and was an agent for Royal and Continental Fire Insurance Companies and the Pioneer Davis County nurseries.

He was married in Mt. Pleasant September 20, 1892 to Anne, daughter of Henry and Kate DeGraff, who was born in Salt Lake City, September 30, 1870.  They had two children:  Harold and Ruth.

January 25, 1889, Harold C. Beaumann was appointed Post­master. For a time the post office was in the former location; later. however, it was moved to the east side of First West, between Main and First South.          .Mt. Pleasant History by Hilda Madsen Longsdorf p. 167.

In March 1903, while George Christensen was mayor, the city voted a bond for water works, but not until 1905, during H. C. Beaumann's term, were contracts let for installing the system. In due time, the system was installed, and with its completion. the settling barrels with their prickly pears, which had been used at most every home for the settling of the roily water, disappeared.  HML p. 182.

February 1906, the North Sanpete Bank was incorporated with a capital stock of $50,000.00. W. D. Candland, president; A. J. Aagard, vice president; and H. C. Beaumann, cashier. They were installed in their new building on the north side of Main Street, midway between State and First West.  HML p. 183

1904-5. Mayor, H. C. Beaumann; Recorder, A. H. Maiben; Treas­urer, E. Ellis Day; Marshal, Andrew S. Jensen; Justice of the Peace, A. B. Waldermar; Councilors, A. E. Mcintosh, (16) Joseph Monsen, A. C. Madsen, George H. Marshall, (17) A. C. Wall, S. E. Jensen, Bent R. Hansen.  HML p. 237

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