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Female Relief Society May 4th, 1876

Meeting held Mai (May) 4th 1876.  Opened with singing "We Thank Thee God for tth Prophet"  Prayer by Sister C. Peel.

Sister Morrison addressed the sisters and said that we would have two meetings  monthly.  One a Business meeting and the other a Testimony meeting.  She hoped that the sisters that visit would be particular in taking of the notes of the sisters that give something for the poor in their book, that everything will be exact.  Then the names were read of them that had paid for the Emigration (fund).  Sister Cristene Jensen brought in the report of Sis Tregore; that she was very poor and blind and said that she needed help.  Sister Peel made report of the same sister that she was not as poor as she wants to be; said that she was helped along a good deal from the Society, but was not satisfied, but after all she had a desire to help her along.  Many of the Danish Sisters spoke in their own language.  Sister Morrison appointed sister Peel, Sister Jensen and Sister Monroe to visit Sister Tregore and brought the meeting to a close, singing "Praise the Lord, my Heartfelt Joy".  Prayer by M. Morrison, Pres
Louise Hasler, Secty

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