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The following sources are available at the Mt. Pleasant Relic Home and Blacksmith Shop to help you gain information about your family history:

A directory of surnames that lists photos, histories and relics donated to the Relic Home
Cemetery listings provided to us by the city offices (updated 2009)
Obituary Collection
Photographs of early pioneers to Mt. Pleasant  
Family photographs of early residents
Historical photographs of Main Street, Floods, Fires, etc.
Hamilton School Class Photos as well as some from Wasatch Academy and
North Sanpete High School.
A family history ledger which was begun in 1909 by the pioneers themselves and their first generation
Over a hundred biographies of pioneers and more recent residents of Mt. Pleasant
Mt.  Pleasant Pyramid, bound by year that go back to 1953
Family History Books that have been donated to the Relic Home by individual families
Annual Daughters of Utah Pioneers Publications
Saga of the Sanpitch
Pioneer Journals
Early plot map of the city
Directory of older homes and their residents
History of Mt. Pleasant by Hilda Madsen Longsdorf

We are located at 150 South State Street, Mt. Pleasant, Utah
We are open Monday thru Saturday from 1:00 until 4:00 p.m.
and some days earlier.

Your donations are very much appreciated and can be sent to the Mt Pleasant Relic Home, 150 South State Street, Mt. Pleasant, Utah   84647.

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