Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Root Beer In A 1 Gallon Jar ~ Alice Hafen

Two inches of hot water
Two cups of sugar
 (Shake until dissolved)
Then add cold water to make luke warm
Add two teaspoons of dry yeast
 (Shake until dissolved)
Add two tablespoons of Root Beer extract
 (Shake until dissolved)
Then fill the jar with warm water.
Screw on the cap tightly
Let stand at room temperature.

This recipe has not been tested.  The root beer that I remember Alice making was put in regular soda bottles and capped with an old fashioned bottle capper. She would make it for Christmas.  And even though it had a yeasty taste, it was an interesting family favorite.  One year we made "Bran Beer".  We stored it in the root cellar.  Then one by one we could hear the bottles explode.  That was the one and only time we tried to make Bran Beer. 

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