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Bent Richard Hansen ~ Mayor of the Month July 2011

The following excerpts are taken from Hilda Madsen Longsdorf, History of Mt. Pleasant.  
The early entries may have been Bendt Hansen Sr., father to Bent Richard Hansen
p. 63
Fortunate were the pioneers in having among them so many fine musicians, who willingly contributed their talents toward the amusement of the colony.  John Waldermar played the violin, flute,
and cornet. James Hansen, who prior to his coming to Mount Pleasant, had belonged to the Brass Band in Salt Lake City, also played the violin, flute and cornet. Lars Nielsen, known as Lars Fiddler, played by ear, became very popular and had many
invi­tations from other settlements to locate there. He, with John Waldermar and James Hansen, played for all the important gatherings held in Mount Pleasant during the first sixteen years.
Among other prominent pioneer musicians, who also contributed necessary pioneer music were Levi B. Reynolds, violinist; George Nielsen, tambourine; Orin Clark, the Jaw Bones of an Ox on a stick; Alma Staker, Bone Clapper; Rudolph Bennett, Triangle; Bent Hansen, Bass Fiddle; Soren Hansen, Clarinet; Andrew Bram­sted, Violin; and August Mynear, Violin.

pp. 91-92
The calling of people to bring the immigrants worked a hard­ship on the people as did the calling to go and assist in the settling of new settlements. All sacrificed much in selling their homes for a little or nothing, and realized scarcely enough to move their families and relocate at the places to which they had been called. Knowing that President Young fully realized the necessity of opening up the settlements in preparation for the many immi­grants from the United States and Europe, who were mostly poor people or had spent nearly all they had in coming to Utah; the Saints felt it their duty to respond, with a feeling of good will, when called. During the summer, considerable flour was hauled to Salt Lake City where it was marketed at $18.00 a hundred. The demand came side of Main Street between Second and Third West, on the lot later owned by Bent Hansen. Here the people were furnished a market for their grain in exchange for merchandise. The store was managed by Joseph Stanford, and for a time, Anthon H. Lund and Charlie Hampshire clerked there.

p. 105
On that day also, the following were called as missionaries to settle on the Muddy, at that time thought to be in Utah but later survey showed it in Nevada. John L. Ivie, Paul Stark, Peter Nielsen, C. P. Larsen, James Christensen (Harbro), George Meyrick, Bent Hansen, Mortin Rasmussen, Soren Jacob­sen and Hyrum Winters.

President Brigham Young's Visit
September 12th, President Brigham Young and a number of the apostles and elders visited Mount Pleasant. A suitable wagon, drawn by four fine horses, was fitted up and driven by Rasmus Frandsen and Andrew Madsen, taking the Mount Pleasant Brass Band to Fountain Green, where they met the party. Coming back by way of Moroni, they led the procession and furnished the music. James Hansen leading the band, among others who were members were John Waldermar, Daniel Beckstrom, Andrew Beckstrom, Andrew Anderson, Bent Hansen and Mortin Rasmussen.

p. 132
John Hastler had arrived in Mt. Pleasant in October and brought with him a full set of musical instruments from Switzerland. Bishop Seeley and the leading brethren engaged him to organize a Brass Band at once. This was affected about the 15th of October, 1869, with John Hastler, James Hansen, Bent Hansen, John Waldermar, Andrew Beckstrom, Daniel Beckstrom. James C. Meiling, August Wall, Aaron Oman, Peter Syndergaard. Andrew Syndergaard, Soren Hansen, Lars Nielsen (Fiddler), Mortin Rasmussen, Jacob Hafen, Ulrich Winkler, Oscar Barton, Charlie Hampshire, and Paul Coates. John Hastler and Olaf Rosen­lof were chosen as their leaders.

p. 161
In 1883, Bent Hansen & Sons opened a planing mill on the north side of Main Street between Second and Third West. At about the same time, J. B. Staker and Ephraim Hansen also operated a similar mill west on Second North between State and First West. George and Joseph Frandsen were later among the prominent lumber dealers.

p. 173
The scenery for the hall was painted by C. C. A. Christensen, a very popular artist. Music for the dances was mostly furnished by the Peter Almertz orchestra, consisting of John Waldermar, Rebecca Beckstrom, Bent Hansen, and others. Brigham Lee was floor manager and prompter. The east room of the building was used as the city council headquarters. On top of the building had been arranged seats, and at daybreak on holidays the Brass Band assembled; their music could be clearly heard in the distance, as the stars and stripes were unfurled. It had been common for the band, in their band wagon, to serenade the city, and they were usually treated with plenty of home-made beer and refreshments.

p. 174
April 14, 1894, the militia was organized in Mt. Pleasant. This company was known as Company C, First Infantry, and was mus­tered in by Colonel Tatlock, with Thomas Braby, Captain; Daniel C. Jensen, First Lieutenant; Magnus G. Rolph, Second Lieutenant, and was commissioned by Kaleb W. West, the last Territorial Governor. The company consisted of the following: Thomas Braby, Daniel C. Jensen, M. G. Rolph, J. M. Boyden, M. A. Boy­den, W. E. Watson, L. P. Nelson, J. W. Lowe, John Forsland. A. B. Williams, G. W. Thompson, B. C. Skillicorn, Willie Ander­son, Ferdinand Ericksen, Charles Hampshire, Axel Bjelke, E. W. Wall, Ole Olson, Clarence Winters, W. P. Winters, George W. Reynolds, John O. Lofgren, J. B. Porter, Andrew L. Porter, Byron G. Wheelock, George Christensen, Henry Ericksen, Erick H. Erick­sen, Olaf C. Andersen, John Knudsen, Amasa Aldrich, James Jor­gensen, James F. Jensen, Louis H. Brand, George Brand, George M. Miller, William B. Allen, Bent R. Hansen, L. 1. Harward, Olaf Rosenlof, John H. Hansen, Arthur McArthur.

p. 181
Bent Hansen and Company purchased in 1899 the first buggy hearse used in the city, and September 14, 1899, James Hansen, a
brother of Bent Hansen Sr., was the first corpse to be taken in it to the cemetery. This hearse was always drawn by a pair of cream colored horses.

p. 196
High School District Organized
In 1911, Mt. Pleasant voted to build a high school building. (North Sanpete High School). At that time, the school trustees were C. N. Lund, J. M. Boyden and, Bent R. Hansen.

p. 202

In 1926, Mr. 'Bent R. Hansen, then a local undertaker, pur­chased the first automobile hearse used in Mt. Pleasant. After Mr. Hansen's death in 1933, the business was carried on by H. C. Jacobs, who purchased their building and established the Jacobs Mortuary.

p. 238
1928-29. Mayor, Bent R. Hansen; Recorder, James Jordan (re­signed, and Calvin Christensen appointed; Treasurer, Effie R. Larsen; Councilors, Paul Monsen, four years; M. C. Peterson,
      E. W. Wall, Wm. L. Madsen, J. D. Meyrick.

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