Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Charleston Apartments Salt Lake City, Utah

What Connection do the Charleston Apartments in Salt Lake City have to Mt. Pleasant?

Elvena Olsen was born in Mt. Pleasant, Utah July 3, 1890.  She was the daughter of Hans Peder Olsen and Ana Kjerstina Madsen Olsen who were converts to the L.D.S. Church from Denmark.  

Elvena was raised in Mt. Pleasant and attended school here. 
She married Charles Andreas Peterson June 15, 1914.  Charles become a very well-known contractor in Salt Lake City.  In the 1930s the Charleston Apartments were built and named "Charleston" after Charles Peterson.  The Charleston Apartments were known to be the finest apartments west of the Mississippi at the time of its opening. A Mr. Eliason was the General Manager and Secretary and Treasurer. Elvena and Charles Peterson became very prominent Salt Lake City residents and built and managed several other properties, including a dry cleaning business.  They also were early investors in Las Vegas hotels and casinos..

They had a beautiful home at 1330 South 1300 East where I used to visit as a child.  I was very impressed because it had an elevator, and a baby grand piano.  The grounds were meticulously cared for by hired gardeners.  I especially remember the climbing clematis which reached the second floor and could be seen from their dining room.  Elvena was my great aunt.  Kathy  

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