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Officers of Company D First Infantry N.G.U. ~ Deseret News 1907-10-26

The officers who appear above are the captain and two lieutenants connected with D Company in the first Infantry , U. N. G. at Mt. Pleasant.  The captain is L. P. Nelson, a native of Denmark, who emigrated with his parents at the age of four, to Utah, in 1874 inducting at Mt. Pleasant.  He early identified himself with the national guard inducting in C Company, First Infantry, before Utah became a state, C Company being the third organized at the time.  At the organization of the present D Company, at Mt. Pleasant, Nelson was chosen Captain.  It is claimed now that this command is the strongest of the militia organizations of the state.  During his captaincy, the company ... attended the encampments at Fort Russell and American Fork, carrying out the .......and other athletic honors at the latter encampment.  He is the central figure in the cut.

First Lieutenant William Hansen was born at Mt. Pleasant in 18..?.  He was formerly a student at the L.D.S. University, Salt Lake, and afterwards engaged in the mercantile business, .... at present head salesman and part owner in the Wasatch Mercantile Company, and is an enthusiastic member of the local fire department.  Lieut. Hansen was elected first lieutenant at the organization of D Company.  He stands at the left in the picture.

Second Lieutenant A. W. Proctor was  born in South Cottonwood , 18..? but  moved with his parents some years ago, where he graduated at the Wasatch Academy, and subsequently he spent two years at the Utah Agricultural College, where he received a good military training under Captain H. D. Styer of the Thirteenth infantry, now major in the Twenty-ninth, and was made first sergeant.  Lieut. Proctor is now in successful charge of a large farm left by his father.  At D Company chosen second lieutenant.

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