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Female Relief Society ~ December 1876

Meeting Held December 1876.  Opened with singing: "O Ye Mountains High".  Prayer by Sister Peel.
Singing: "Come All the Saints Who Dwell On Earth".
Sister Morrison then rose and opened the meeting in the usual manner and read a letter of Eliza Snow about dressing the dead and  said that the garments always must be placed on the body , then the shirt or sh**y and the robe shall be placed on the right shoulder and then for all things.
She wanted to hear how we was going on  with the wheat matter.  She wanted Sister Morrison to write with return mail how much we have all  each gathered and hoped that we was working with success.  

Then Sister Morrison addressed the Sisters and said that before she left her home, she called on the Lord, that He may give her so much of the good spirit that would lead and guide her in as much as we would have a good meeting and that the same spirit may bless us; that good principle and the plan of salvation may be l **ted out in such a manner that we all would be benefitted by.  For the Spirit of spirit of distruction is always on hand to lead us astray, and he makes himself known where ever a good act will find its way.  After she laid out many good principles, she gave room for other to talk, and hope that all the sisters will bear their testimony.  

Sister Peel then rose and felt well for the opportunity to be together with the Sisters, for their testimonies and then spoke about some business matter of the Society, with much conversation took up a good part of the time.  Sister Simpson and a few others spoke afterwards and the meeting was closed with prayer.
MC Morrison, Pres
L Hasler, Sec

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