Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Hen ~ by Alice Hafen

I have a brown old hen
She is the slyest one
I hear her cackle every day
I know she's laying some.

This goes on for many days.
I can never find the nest.
But I know when she stops cackling
That she has done her best.

Then one morning early
As I go out to weed
What do I spy but my old hen
with twelve baby chicks to feed.

The cats think what a treat
Those little chicks would be
But that old hen just ruffles up and
pecks them fiercefully

Now the cats know she's the boss
and they'll just wait silent and bluff
and think that when she's not watching
They'll have those little balls of fluff.

But that old hen is wiser.
And no matter what happens 
That old hen is there
in stalwart and proper fashion.

It is fun to watch that little old hen
As she clucks, calls and scratches for food.
For those little chicks are her pride and joy.
No one must ever intrude.

When the chicks are fed
And its time for them to rest 
She proudly puffs her feathers
And they all crowd into her nest.

Now when those chicks are older
Mama hen has a right big fit
As she tries to cover them all
With one great big sit.

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