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1916 Muster Roll ~ Troup E of the 2nd Squadron Cavalry

This is in our personal collection.  (Peter and Kathy Hafen). Florence Nielsen, a daughter of Soren M. Nielsen passed it on to Alice Hafen, Peter's mother in 1984.  Soren M. Nielsen was the Captain. I will post the names listed and you can contact us if you want additional information.  If you have seen muster rolls before, you will know that the pages are very long.  Additional information may include age, rank, height, eye color, hair color, residence, occupation, married or single, spouse name, date of registration, and additional remarks.  You may note from the picture above that it was noted as "Utah County Militia" which may be the reason there are so many names not known from Sanpete County.

Date:  July 9, 1916
Commanded by Major W. B. Wallace
Soren M. Nielsen, Capt.
Albert E. Wilfong
Ben E. Reynolds
Henry L. Neilson
Alexander J. McIff
Sterling M. Ericksen
Seymour Jensen
James G. Jensen
Reid Burns
Lyman Seely
Shirley Poulsen
Ray Tanner
Joseph J. Nichols
Ruel M. Rogers
Joseph Costello
Francis Fogelberg
Frank Crookston
Wells Bradley
Leonard A. Adams
Alma Allred
Carl Anderson
Urban Anderson
Thomas Everett
Elmer F. Bryant
Ralph R. Braby
Lawrence Carlson
Boone Carson
Manuel Christensen
Elmer F. Bezzant
John Conway
Sheridan Davis
Eben S. Dibble
Laurence Doull
George Dunham
Cyril Fowles
Raleigh Graham
Ralph Handley
Alfred W. Hanson
Ray Hays
Ferd Hoops
David C. Hunter
Thomas H. Houston
Julian Ivans
Cannon Jensen
Edward Jensen
Hugh Jensen
Dazel Jones
David Larson
George A. Legatt
Otto Lindsay
Veggo P. Maggen
Earl Matthews
Howard S. Mills
Clarence Mower
Joseph M. Nelson
Leonard Peterson
Clinton Poulsen
George Poulsen
John B. Pryor
Otto Rasmussen
Francis Rigby
Henry W. Schrader
Walter H. Shea
Leonard Sorensen
Jess V. Spencer
Albert Textorius
Alonzo Truscott
Don C. Vinson
William White
Peter T. Wolsey
Clayton Zabriskie
Shirley Zabriskie

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