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Sunday, April 1, 2012

John Heber Stansfield (the artist) and His Lineage ~ Pioneers of the Month ~ April 2012

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rudi48 said...

Can you provide the name of the author? I know it is John Heber Stansfield's granddaughter, but what is her name. This history was so informative to me as my grandmother, Hazel Theora (Jensen) Anderson Lundberg, was a niece of John Heber Stansfield's wife, Elvina Elvira Jensen Stansfield by Hazel's birth mother, Hilda Jensen Jensen, and Hazel's adoptive mother, Hanna Jensen Anderson was an aunt to Elvina Elvira Jensen Stansfield. Hazel was adoptive by her birth mother's (Hilda Jensen Jensen) aunt, Hanna Jensen Anderson. Thanks so much for posting this. jm
Judy Malkiewicz (granddaughter of Hazel Theora Jensen Anderson Lundberg (Mackay, Idaho)

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