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Female Relief Society February 19, 1877

                     Meeting held February 19, 1877.
Opened with singing:  Praise Thee The Lord
Prayer by Sister Jensen
The minutes from the former meeting were read and accepted.
Sister Madsen addressed the sisters and said that Sister Morrison could not be present for an accident that happened to poor Sister the Fort, who broke her leg this morning.  Sister Morrison assisted her.  When the Doctor fixed her leg, and not been well before, so she is not able to attend meeting.  Sister Madsen brought in mind of the Sister to remember this  poor sister that was low spirited before and now felt very l....; to go visit her and comfort her both temporally and spiritually.  She said that it was our duty to try to get somebody to stay with her at least in the night time.  Then she talked about the Book of Mormon,....... as some misunderstanding was among the sisters about it.  She corrected the meaning of .... certainly was not the meaning of the danish and told them that would certain that Book would be a good work.

She encouraged the sisters to remember our President, Sister Morrison with their faith and prayers and said that we not realize the callings she has to come up to, as her constitution is so much tried, that she is not as well as she could be.  Then she gave place for the sisters to bear their testimony and feel free .  Many of the sisters bore their testimony and most in their own language and talked a good deal about polygamy.  A good spirit prevailed and the meeting was closed with singing "Come to My ......To the Saints.  And prayer by Sister Jensen.
M.C. Morrison, Pres.
Louise Hasler, Sec

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