Sunday, April 29, 2012

An Educational, Historical Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Hope you enjoy this.  I have grand kids that will have fun with this scavenger hunt. A fun way to teach about history.  It can be adapted to your needs. Find more at the link below.

Where Would We Be?

Where would we be without these famous inventors?  Find 13 objects, one for each inventor, which you would not have without the inventor.  Be ready to defend your object.  For example, Ben Franklin discovered the lightning rod, which led to electricity.  So, you could build an argument for just about anything that can be plugged into a wall. 

1.     Ben Franklin

2.     Alexander Graham Bell

3.     Thomas Edison

4.     Henry Ford

5.     Eli Whitney  

6.     Charles Babbage

7.     Tim Bernes-Lee

8.     Clarence Frank Birdseye

9.     George Eastman

10.                        John Harvey Kellogg

11.                        James Naismith

12.                        Levi Strauss

13.                        Orville and Wilber Wright


 Where would we be answers

1.     Ben Franklin        electricity   

2.     Alexander Graham Bell                    the telephone

3.     Thomas Edison              the light bulb       

4.     Henry Ford          The automobile

5.     Eli Whitney          The cotton gin – spun cotton to make clothes

6.     Charles Babbage            The computer

7.     Tim Bernes-Lee              The internect

8.     Clarence Frank Birdseye                   Frozen food

9.     George Eastman            Roll film

10.                        John Harvey Kellogg     Dried cereal

11.                        James Naismith             the game of basketball

12.                        Levi Strauss                   Blue jeans

13.                        Orville and Wilber Wright       Airplane

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