Friday, May 11, 2012

Ephraim Co-Op: Featured Seller Friday ~ Larry Nielson

Ephraim Co-Op: Featured Seller Friday ~ Larry Nielson:
 "The wood tells me what to do with it, it is like it has it's own spirit." ~ Larry Nielson

Larry Nielson is an artist who has become known for his paintings on old and weathered wood.

 Larry Nielson was born in the Rocky Mountain West.  He grew up in Ephraim, Utah and discovered new visions dimensions and realities in the South Pacific where he served an LDS mission.  While working on his graduate degree at the University of Hawaii, he attended classes and taught art at Brigham Young University Hawaii.  He was the first Art Director of the Polynesian Cultural Center and commissioned by the Government of Tonga to paint the official portrait of the late Queen Salote.

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