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Female Relief Society ~ March 1877

Opened with singing:  Oh My Father Thou That Dwellest
Prayer by sister Madsen Peel
Singing: All Praise to Our Redeemer

Sister Morrison addressed the sisters; felt well and pleased to be together with her sisters since she has been away from her home for a short time; she was called to her family unexpectedly because of a death.  She enjoyed her visit as well as circumstances allowed both improved very much her health.  She said to the sisters that in her absence, business was neglected; we would attend to that first and then we would spend the rest of the time in bearing the testimonies.

Then the disbursements were read out, and also the income from the last two months.  Sister Morrison encouraged the visiting sisters to keep a strict account of the ...... they have gathered, and also have every name on their list of the sister that have given.  She said that the 11th of May .... by and hand over. ....we used to make up our yearly report and then send to the Women's Exponent, also she would like everything .... up as she thinks it is the last report she makes out among us, then she will be called away in a short time to her family.

It was moved and seconded that Elizabeth Jensen was admitted as a Member of the Female Relief Society and also a Member of the Visiting Sisters; motion was unanimous.

Sisters were appointed to tend to Sister Anna and also to Sister (Nyberg?) in the nighttime.

After all the business was tended to many of the sisters bore their testimony in true and faithful name.  Sister frandsen remarked to the sisters the greatness and mercy of our Heavenly Father who preserved us from the hour we left our native country both on the land and the sea; has been with and  all trouble and temptation  and blessed us all with good things.  Why should we not show our good will to our fellow creature and all the good to them we can, then only by ... duty we have a right to call on our Father in Heaven to bless us when we show by our deeds, that we are His children and try to walk in His paths.

Meeting was closed with singing:  Now Let Us Rejoice In The Day of Salvation.
Prayer by Sister Peterson

M C Morrison, Pres
Louise Hasler Sec.

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