Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Grandma Rigby's Clipped Recipes ~~~~~ Pasted Into a Studebaker Catalog

My Grandmother Sarah Pritchett Rigby of Fairview was born  in Fairview   in  1884 .   Her mother died when Grandma was only seven years old.  She married Charles Martin Rigby and gave birth to seven children.  In 1920, her husband Charles Martin was in an accident in the coal mine.  He was crushed against the wall of the mine by a train car.  He was taken to Salt Lake in a horse and buggy, where he died.  Grandma Rigby seen many hard times in her life.  I found this scrapbook among her things.  She had pasted recipes clipped out of newspapers and pasted them into a catalog of Studebaker motor vehicles.

The recipes represent that time period (about 1928), But also, the way she had chosen to save them was ingenious and very resourceful.  Perhaps it was nothing out of the ordinary for that time period.

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