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Wasatch Academy-Princeton Connection ~ by Donna Glidewell

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History: The Wasatch Academy-Princeton Connection

Byline: Donna Glidewell

Posted: October 31, 2012

Last Updated: October 31, 2012

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Have you ever wondered who determined the layout of the Wasatch Academy campus, where the Orange and Black color scheme originated and what prompted the Tiger as the Wasatch Academy mascot? The simple answer is Princeton University.
The more complex answer is that Sheldon Jackson, who was Superintendent of Presbyterian Missions in the West and a close friend of our founder, Duncan J. McMillan, attended Princeton Theological Seminary.
The two schools were distantly connected and, apparently, Sheldon Jackson was a great fan of Princeton University. He suggested the layout of the Wasatch Academy campus that corresponds to Princeton. The colors and the tiger mascot are also products of Princeton heritage. It seems appropriate that an eastern university with Presbyterian roots be connected to Wasatch Academy.

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