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"VILLAGE BLACKSMITH" made into prose by Anthon Wm Madsen ~ Johannah Madsen Hafen Collection


Mount Pleasant

“The Village Blacksmith”
 Sanpete County, Utah
January 20, 1886

The village smithy stands under a spreading chestnut tree.
Smith a mighty man, has sinewy hands
And the large muscles of his brawny arms are as strong as iron.
His face is like the tan, his hair is long and black, and brittle.
 His work is hard and his brow is wet with sweat. 
He earns not much. He looks the world in the face;
For he is not in debt to any man.
You can hear his instrument blow from week to week,
from morn til night.And he swings his heavy sledge
with time and slow like, the ringing of the village bell.
The children coming home from school look inside the door,
They like to catch the burning sparks.
He goes to church on Sunday and sits among his companions.
 He listens and hears the Parson pray and preach.
In the village choir he hears his daughter singing,
It sounds to him as his wife singing in heaven.
He thinks once more how she lies in her grave.
He wipes a tear from his eyes with his rough hand.
Onward through life he goes toiling, rejoicing.
Every day   he has a task before him and at
Night he sees that it is done,
and when the day has passed away,
he has earned his might’s repose and he thanks them for
the lesson they have taught.
Anthon Wm. Madsen
“The Village Blacksmith” made into prose.

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