Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pioneer Feed Stable ~ Wasatch Academy Is Looking to Buy This Property and Tear It Down

75 West 100 South

Wasatch Academy has asked to buy this old feed stable for the purpose of tearing it down and adding it to their property list.  It is owned by Rod Anderson, a son in law of Les Lund who stored much of his radio equipment there.

KATHY:A question and a comment on today’s posting of the old feed stable .  If the building in the hazy background is Wasatch Academy where is the Brandon home>?  It was a big adobe house that should be obscuring Wasatch Academy and I would guess as old as the stable. 
   And my comment:  When the National Guard was recreated following WW1 about 1926/27 they drilled in the dance hall just east of the stable.  Their heavy equipment that included their howitzers and tractors  before trucks was “stabled”  in the stable.  The term is not inappropriate.  In my  day the last hour of the day when we cleaned our trucks and howitzers was called “motor stables”.      The Armory at NE corner Main and State built about 34/35.   lee  

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