Saturday, June 22, 2013

Those Big Horses Can Pull At Your Heart Strings, Too

Photos courtesy of The Salt Lake Tribune  ~ Sunday, April 24, 1977

Que Seely  and Pulling Horse

Que Seely, resident of Mt. Pleasant (now deceased) pulled horses as a hobby. 
It cost him both legs, amputated below the knees in horse -related injuries and
 complicated by diabetes.

He loved big horses all his life
He won second place in his first pulling contest in Ephraim in 1946.
He  conditioned his team beginning in the spring by pulling them every day.

He pulled his team in 13 states and in 1976 pulled them in his wheelchair.

In a pulling contest the big teams are hooked up to boats or sleds loaded with rocks,
barrels of cement, anything heavy enough. 
The winners are the ones who pull the farthest.

Que passed away October 24, 1981
He was married to Eva Tolman Seely

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