Sunday, June 30, 2013


In the Spring of the year when the sap is up in the willows, it is easy to make a whistle. Cut a length of willow, from between two branches so it has no knots (1).

Carve a notch halfway through the stem. Cut just through the bark and then slide the bark sleeve off the stem (2).

Be careful not to squeeze the bark sleeve too hard or it will crack. The bark slips off real easy after tapping it gently with the handle of a pocket knife. When the bark is removed, carve the inner soft wood as shown in the picture (3).

After the wood is carved, wet the carved end of the whistle in your mouth, and
slip the bark sleeve back on (4).

You have just made yourself a Willow Whistle.
Six years ago we hosted both the Spring City Elementary and the Mt. Pleasant Elementary Schools. Out on the back lawn, we had 95 year old Alice Hafen demonstrating how to make this willow whistle. It was a delight for the children.

Grandma Alice knew so many of the pioneer craft that she was taught by her pioneer grandparents. She was a wonderful resource for both our blog and the Relic Home.

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