Monday, June 3, 2013

Unknown Photo with Hair Sample ~ 1876

This photo came with the Johanna Madsen Hafen Collection.  It is tintype in an embossed copper fram and enclosed in a wooden case.  When I scanned it the first time, the photo was to dark due to the copper reflection.  So, I carefully removed it from the case and found a lock of hair inside.  What a treasure.  However, it might take a DNA test to figure out who this man might be.  Anyone have the answer?  Also the date 1876 was written on the inside along with the initials J.C.

Another unknown below

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rudi48 said...

Dated 1876 would have been after the Union Pacific Railroad was completed in 1869 - so, it would be hard to find him "JC" on a pioneer immigration. jm

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