Tuesday, December 20, 2016

AN INCIDENT~~~ by Verla Mikkelsen Marx

 What was that! Mary Ann's eyes went wide with fear, but she knew she had to remain calm so she wouldn't frighten her younger brothers and sisters. The strange scratchy noise came again. What should she do? Her thoughts flew back to early morning and she heard her mother and father giving last minute instructions.

 "Mary Ann, Indians were sighted in the hills west of town this morning. We wish we didn't have to leave you alone today, "but this trip is necessary to get flour for winter, so be sure you do exactly as we tell you to. " Mother was putting things in the wagon as she spoke. 

Father came in and began giving her instructions on what her duties for the day would be. "Take good care of your younger sisters and brothers today. Make sure they stay close around home. Get the chores done before dark. Make sure the chickens, pigs, cow and calf are locked up tight in their pens at least a half an hour before dark. Then you take the little ones into the house, cover the windows and lock the door. 

If the Indians come this way they probably won't bother you unless they can see a light. " 

Mother and father had left early to get wheat ground into flour, and it always took a full day. They had to travel eight miles to the mill and the horses couldn't go faster than a walk with their heavy load. 

Mary Ann surely wished mother and father would get back. To calm her fears, she gathered her sisters and brothers around her on the bed. She would tell them a story. There was that noise again. This time the other children heard it too. 

Joe said, "I know, let's hide!" Mary Ann thought that was a good idea, so she turned the washtub over and hid her two sisters under that. Joe and George climbed into the loft and covered themselves with an old quilt. Mary Ann crawled under the bed.

 Now they could even hear voices. They all stayed very quiet for what seemed an eternity to Mary Ann. Finally, gathering all her courage, she lifted the corner of the blanket covering the window and looked out. 

There in the moonlight were her parents, taking care of the horses before coming into the house.

 Source: An incident in the life of Mary Ann Christine Jensen Mikkelsen

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