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Charles Lyle Rigby ~ Prisoner of War ~ WWII

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The full name of this camp is Stalag 6G Bonn Rheinland, Prussia 50-07, and it was controlled by Nazi Germany. The National Archives has records for 468 Allied prisoners held here, 438 of whom were liberated, and 29 of whom did not survive their captivity. Compared to Nazi Germany’s other camps with at least 10 prisoners, Stalag 6G held more than the average number of 86 prisoners. For context, Japanese camps held an average of 65 prisoners.
Additional Details:
  • Camp Name: Stalag 6G
  • Stalag is an abbreviation of the German word "Stammlager" and was the label for camps that housed non-officers.
  • Latitude - Longitude: 50 - 7
  • Nearest City: Bonn
  • Region: Rheinland
  • Country: Prussia
  • Location Today: North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

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