Saturday, December 24, 2016


from Saga of the Sanpitch

Halbert S. Greaves
It seemed a losing moment for the sun,
Which sent its winter warmth against the snow
On Horseshoe's crest and endless slopes below.
Across the valley, mountains to the west
 Reached up to gather in the lingering light
And cloak the sun in dark, cold night
But then a miracle on Christmas Eve
Decreed that sun should halt in western skies
And wait for giant, silver moon to rises
Then fiery sun and radiant moon combined
 To conjure magic with converging rays
 And swiftly set the mountain snow ablaze.
NOTE; Christmas Eve, 1928. I was standing on the second floor fire escape at North Sanpete High School watching the simultaneous setting of the sun and rising of the full moon. The snow in Horseshoe's cirque and on its crest was pink for a few minutes. I have pictured that beautiful sight in my mind for 53 years.

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