Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dancing At Fiddler's Green ~ poem by James L. Jacobs

In our youth we rowed boats on Ras Anderson's pond,
And the swimming there was supreme,
But the thing we enjoyed more than anything else
Was dancing at Fiddler's Green

We braided the maypole and played fox and geese,
Caught trout in the clear mountain streams,
But nothing we did was half as much fun
As dancing at Fiddler's Green.

In the hills we picked pine nuts and choke cherries, too,
In rodeos, rode bulls that were mean,
But no other sport raised our spirits as high
As dancing at Fiddler's Green.

We danced at the "gymn" and the old  Armory Hall,
At Moon Winks the dancing was keen,
But nowhere else did we get the same thrill
As dancing at Fiddler's Green.

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