Friday, December 17, 2010

Thalman and Farnworth Photos ~ shared by Deena Lynn Sutton

Ada Hokensen and Vernon Farnworth Wedding 1917

The Farnworth Family came from England.
The Thalman Family came from Switzerland.

Robert Thalman and Jennie Christensen Wedding 1903

Moroni Farnworth Family ~ Hannah, Francis, Moroni, Eliza May, Susan, Rosette, Thomas and Moroni L.
Alice Thalman Farnworth

Baby Girl Farnworth  ~  Family unknown

Baby girl Farnworth 2 ~ Family unknown

If anyone can identify which Farnworth family these two children are, please let us know.  Or if anyone can give us more history on the Farnworth Family, please contact

The history of George Farnworth can be found here:

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