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Female Relief Society February 5th, 1877

Meeting held February 5th 1877
Opened with Singing
"Sweet is Thy Word, My God, My King".
Prayer by Sister Morrison
The minutes from the former meetings were read and accepted.
Sister  Morrison addressed the Sisters . Feeling well to have another opportunity to meet.  Also she felt not able to say much as she was sick for the last few days, but it strengthened and was much pleased to see the meeting so well attended.  She encouraged the Sisters to bear their testimony of the great and glorious work we are  engaged; to be on guard, and to do our duty day by day, ad to do all the good  we can.

Sister Peel felt well to be here together with the Sisters, she hoped that the good attendance of the Sisters will
continue and a good feeling and united spirit will be with them.  She felt well and had always a good desire   to do the Will of the Lord and accept his Commandment, and will always do the same.  She thought it would not hurt any of the Sisters to come to the meeting once in a month.  she would feel so much better and all would be benefited by.

Sister Simpson felt much gratified to bear her testimony to the great and glorious work we are engaged in and bore a faithful testimony to the true gospel.

Sister Peterson bore her testimony; felt thankful to the Lord that He gathers us from different countries and considered how pleased we "Mothers of Israel" can by to .....our Sons and Daughters in security while the nation prepares for war, and father and son have to go to their call.

Sister Lofgreen related a dream she had not long ago which was interesting.  Many of the Sisters bore faithful testimony both in English and Danish.

The meeting was closed with singing: Come all the Saints throughout the Earth.
Prayer by Sister Peel
MFC Morrison,
Louise Hasler, Sect

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