Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Photos from Pioneer Day 2012

Kathy, Kathryn and Darlene
I am the "tired" one!
.............or maybe it was the glasses that made me look "Oh So Tired"
........and I am not really that chubby.  Remind me next year to wear something more slimming.

Brandy Brotherson Shelley,  and a daughter of Dale Peel sell tickets
while Peter Hafen talks on his 21st century phone.

Pioneer Day Greeters in Pioneer Dress
L to R:  LaRue Johnson Beck Stewart, Judith Daniels Hill, JoAnn Carlson Lea Winward, 
Sharon Lee Draper ??? (can't remember her married name), Donna Brunger, Roxey Nelson Washburn, and Darlene Frandsen Blackham (taking photos)

Ron Porter and his Aunt Ada Bench

Mark Vance and our Mayor, Sandra Bigler

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