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Roy August Lundberg History ~ submitted by Judy Malkiewicz

Roy August Lundberg
Born 16 June 1912 in Mt. Pleasant, Utah and Died 8 May 1933 Salt Lake City, Utah

Roy A. Lundberg was the youngest and only son of Dr. August Lundberg (dentist) and August’s third wife, Sarah Matilda (went by Matilda) Johansen Lundberg who were married in 1902. Roy was born 16 June 1912 in Mt. Pleasant, Utah.  A photo of his parents:

Roy had three half-siblings from his father’s first marriage (August Lundberg born 1846 and died 1919 and Sophia Persdotter Peterson Lundberg (born 14 August 1884 in Almude, Stockholm, Sweden and died unknown date, but possibly prior to 1880). These half-siblings were Amanda Lundberg (born 1869 and died unknown date); Richard Henry Lundberg (born 1 May 1873 and died 5 October 1955); and Oscar Lundberg (born 1874 and died 1952).

Roy also had four half-siblings form his father’s second marriage (August Lundberg born 1846 and died 1919 and Christina Matilda Lundberg unknown birth date and died 1896) including Jennie Lundberg (Zabriskie) Waldemar (born 1880 and died 3 March 1924), Edwin Lundberg (born 15 January 1886 and died 14 December 1943), Maple Lundberg (born 12 May 1888 and died 16 July 1934) , and Nancy Lundberg (born 2 January 1891 and died 3 March 1943).

Roy attended school at the Wasatch Academy in Mt. Pleasant, Utah.
 Roy worked as a sheepherder and also served with the Battery D, 22nd Field Artillery, Utah National Guard.

Roy died of a brain tumor at the age of 20 years on 8 May 1933 in a Salt Lake City, Utah hospital. His father, Dr. August Lundberg had died in 1919 and Roy was buried near him at the Mt. Pleasant City Cemetery in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. Roy was survived by his mother, Sarah Matilda (went by Matilda) Johansen Lundberg, and all of his half-siblings except for Jennie C. Lundberg who died in 1924.
North Ward Chapel Mt Pleasant Utah Alice Hafen's Photo 
Obituary from Salt Lake Tribune 9 May 1933:

Roy Lundberg, 20, of Mt. Pleasant, only son of Mrs. Matilda and the late Dr. August Lundberg, pioneer jeweler and dentist of Mt. Pleasant, died in a local hospital Monday after a prolonged illness. The youth was a former student at the Wasatch Academy and was a first class private in Battery D, 22nd Field Artillery, Utah National Guard, until he became ill last fall. He is survived by his mother, four half-brothers and a half-sister, Nancy Lundberg of Provo; Richard Lundberg of Idaho Falls, Idaho; Oscard Lundberg of Uintah Reservation; M.H. Lundberg, Mackay, Idaho and Edward Lundberg of Salt Lake. The body will be taken to Mt. Pleasant for funeral services and burial.

Roy’s half-brother from Mackay, Idaho, Maple H. Lundberg along with his wife, Hazel Anderson Lundberg and their son Rex H. Lundberg (all born in Mt. Pleasant, Utah) attended the funeral for Roy in June of 1933 in Mt. Pleasant, Utah.

Mt. Pleasant City Cemetery, Sanpete County, Mt. Pleasant, Utah.

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