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Jennie C. Lundberg Waldemar History ~ submitted by Judy Malkiewicz

Jennie Celestic Lundberg (Zabriskie) Waldemar
Born 1880 and Died 3 March 1924 in Salt Lake City, Utah

Jennie Celestic Lundberg was the oldest daughter of Dr. August Lundberg (dentist) and Christina Matilda (maiden name may have been Neilsen, Anderson, Christensen, or Ericksen) Lundberg. Jennie was born in 1880 in Utah.
When Jennie was was 16 years old, her birth mother, Christina Matilda Lundberg, died 5 August 1896 in Mt. Pleasant, Utah and is buried at the Mt. Pleasant City Cemetery. It appears Jennie lived on her own with her brother, Edwin Lundberg (born 15 January 1886 and died 14 December 1943) who was 10 years old at this time.  Jennie married for the first time on 8 November 1897 to Louis C. Zabriskie in Manti Utah.
Jennie’s younger brother, Maple (born 12 May 1888 and died 16 July 1934) and her younger sister, Nancy Lundberg (born 2 January 1891 and died 3 March 1943) were then raised by August Lundberg in Salt Lake City, Utah while he studied to be a dentist.  

Jennie had three half-siblings from his father’s first marriage (August Lundberg (born 1846 and died 1919) and Sophia Persdotter Peterson Lundberg (born 14 August 1884 in Almude, Stockholm, Sweden and died unknown date, but possibly prior to 1880). These half-siblings were Amanda Lundberg (born 1869 and died unknown date); Richard Henry Lundberg (born 1 May 1873 and died 5 October 1955); and Oscar Lundberg (born 1874 and died date unknown).

Jennie’s father, Dr. August Lundberg, married a third time to Sarah Mathilda (went by Mathilda) Johansen Lundberg in 1902 then raised Mape and Nancy as stepchildren. Mathilda and August Lundberg had only one son, Roy Lundberg, who was born 16 June 1912 and died of a brain tumor 8 May 1933.

Jennie’s sister, Nancy Lundberg, suffered a fall from a hay wagon or loft as a child which resulted in epilepsy. When Nancy was 19 years old in 1910, her father, Dr. August Lundberg, had her placed at the Utah State Hospital Territorial Insane Asylum, later to be known as the Utah State Hospital. Nancy died in 1943 and her mother is listed as Christina Ericksen Lundberg on the death certificate.

Jennie was listed in the 1900 Mt. Pleasant, Utah Census as living with her brother Edwin and employed as a dressmaker. Her last name is “Lundberg”, so her divorce from Louis C. Zabriskie must have taken place sometime between their marriage in 1897 and 1900.
Jennie married a second time on 20 May 1919 to James A. Waldemar in Manti, Utah. James died on 3 November 1936. 

Jennie moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in July 1920.
On 3 March 1924, Jennie J. Lundberg Zabriskie Waldemar (who was married to Louis C. Zabriskie briefly) and then James A. Waldemar died of a drug overdose at the Salt Lake City Hospital, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Note: Jennie’s birth mother’s (Christina Matilda Lundberg) maiden name was listed as Neilson and Anderson on Jennie’s Death Certificate and Ericksen on her sister, Nancy Lundberg’s Utah Burial Database.

Judy Malkiewicz of Mackay,  Idaho has sent us a number of her grandmother's photos in the past.  She promised us more in the future.   She was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow plasma cells with no known cure.    She has two websites of her own.  One tells of her battle with multiple myeloma:  The other tells us of the "goings on" in Mackay Idaho, where she now lives and where her grandmother moved to after leaving Mt. Pleasant: . We are posting a number of the photos and histories she has shared.  We wish Judy all the best in her battle against multiple myeloma. Many thanks to Judy for thinking of us at this critical time in her own life.   (posted by Kathy)

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